OAOT Informations

Why OAOT is created?

OAOT is created for ensure fast and secure decentralized transactions.

Our token aims to become a bargaining chips for all you need in your life and an secure object of your investment.

Blockchain, Exchange & Explorer.

OAOT is created on Waves Blockchain.

OAOT is avaible on Waves.Exchange.

You can view all OAOT transactions on Waves Explorer.
Transactions Speed: 2-8 minutes

General Informations.

Max Supply: 80,000,000 (not reissuable)
Coins in Reserve: 20,000,000 ( Waves.Exchange Address: 3PLQNF9hFXiZVzsRkt7k33MC7HGMwT2yyQ9)

Circulating Supply: Dev.Pywaves.org


Token Distribution.

Token Distribution is based on “OAOT Distribution Game”.

Check this page for play.

Coins in Reserve.

*4,000,000 OAOT for sell (only BTC allowed, click here).

All revenue will be used for OASTOCK, not avaible for now.


Check Sell Address – Legacy Address: 1EHNwEPQXJHSzVrxgsWPJXiGe149h8QMHT / Waves.Exchange Address: 3PLQNF9hFXiZVzsRkt7k33MC7HGMwT2yyQ9

15,980,000 OAOT for partnerships.


20,000 OAOT for various Airdrop.

*Unsold OAOT in 6 months goes to OArts.it Team for sponsor all projects (26 July 2020).

PDF Files.

OAOT General Informations: View PDF

Private Sell: View PDF

OAOT Distribution: View PDF